Monday, January 10, 2011

Dallas Green's pain felt all over baseball

Every so often, we’re given a painful reminder that baseball is just a game. A terrible tragedy served as a reminder of that again this weekend.

Dallas Green, a former manager of the New York Yankees and Mets, is going through the worst kind of loss, the loss of a child. His granddaughter Christina Taylor Green was the youngest victim of a murderous rampage in Tucson, Arizona. Green adored his granddaughter and his pain is palpable. It’s a pain that’s being felt all over the baseball world.

My heart goes out to Green and his family. I thought it was terrible that a legislator and a judge were attacked by a madman, but when I heard that he shot and killed a child, my heart broke. I obviously don’t know Green and his family personally, but lots of baseball people do and are rushing to provide whatever comfort and support they can.

Unfortunately, I feel helpless to do anything and I’m sure many people feel the same way. I’m hoping that Bud Selig will announce that Major League Baseball will set up some kind of scholarship program for smart, ambitious kids like Christina to help them follow their dreams. That way at least something positive will come from this senseless tragedy.

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