Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Bad Ben will get what's coming to him

I completely understand the way Mark Buehrle felt about wanting to see Michael Vick get hurt. I felt the exact same way as I was watching Ben Roethlisberger play in the Super Bowl.

I kept hoping that one of the Green Bay Packers would put a hit on the Pittsburgh quarterback so bad that he wouldn’t get up. I know that sounds terrible, wishing to see an athlete hurt during a game. It’s not something I normally root for. In fact, I usually feel bad watching players go down with injuries, even players on opposing teams.

But watching "Big Ben" play in the Super Bowl after he allegedly sexually assaulted a college student last year made me sick to my stomach. Just because he was never charged with a crime doesn’t mean he didn’t do what he was accused of. The district attorney dropped the charges because he didn’t have enough evidence, especially after the young woman, knowing what she was in store for from the media and psychotic sports fans, chose to walk away rather than fight Roethlisberger and his entourage of protectors.

I admire Buehrle’s willingness to break the code and call out a fellow athlete for his bad behavior. But at least Vick did time for his horrible mistreatment of animals. What Roethlisberger did was far worse because he did it to another human being and was never properly punished. Sure, he got a six-game suspension from the National Football League, but that punishment was not enough to match the heinousness of what he did, especially after being reduced to four games.

I’m a firm believer in what comes around goes around. I look forward to the day when Roethlisberger finally gets what is coming to him, whether it happens on or off the field.

Thanks to Rufus210 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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