Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Please no more CC Sabathia opt-out talk

Can we please table talk about CC Sabathia's opt-out clause?

Sure, the New York Yankees will have a major dilemma on their hands if their ace invokes the clause or, heaven forbid, actually decides to leave the Yankees since he’s already gotten his World Series ring. The Yankees will have to give him whatever he wants this offseason, namely a shiny new long-term contract at a higher average salary, perhaps more than the $26.2 million made by the second-highest paid player in baseball Vernon Wells. CC’s not getting Alex Rodriguez’s $32 million a year as I don’t think the Steinbrenners are dumb enough to make that mistake again. Then again, they were the ones who gave Rafael Soriano $35 million to be a set-up guy, over the strenuous objections of their general manager Brian Cashman.

But really, what’s the point of speculating about Sabathia’s intentions in late May? Whether or not he invokes the opt-out clause will depend in large part to how he performs this year and there’s still more than four months left to the baseball season. Right now, he is 4-3 with an ERA of just over 3.00, solid numbers for sure, but hardly ace-like. Sabathia is a notoriously slow starter so I bet he would feel much more comfortable making a decision closer to the end of the baseball season then right now.

So let me make a plea for a moratorium on all CC out-opt talk, at least through the summer. I know it makes for a sexy story, but it’s just another distraction from more important issues that should be the focus of attention with the Yankees.


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