Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random baseball thoughts: winter meetings recap

The Miami Marlins and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim apparently have more money than the federal government, which is creeping closer to a possible shutdown, just in time for the holidays. Whether the baseball teams are spending their dough more wisely than the feds remains an open question.

There has been some puzzlement about why the Marlins would bestow $27 million to Heath Bell and $106 million for oft-injured Jose Reyes. There are also questions about the 10-year contract for Albert Pujols (although the Angels could shift him to designated hitter when he starts to decline) and why they were willing to overpay for a #3 starter in CJ Wilson. Both teams clearly wanted to make a splash and they have. Only time will tell if things work out for them.

• By the way, I have absolutely no problem with Pujols leaving the St. Louis Cardinals for the Angels and neither should anyone else, including Cardinals fans. The Cardinals had plenty of chances to sign Pujols before the baseball season and during their exclusive negotiating period after the World Series. They seem to have made the same mistake that so many baseball pundits made, thinking Pujols would never leave the only baseball home he has ever known. But Pujols just was not feeling the love from the Cardinals, who took a cold-hearted negotiating stance with their superstar and future Hall of Fame player. And unlike Derek Jeter who was open about his desire to remain a lifetime member of the New York Yankees, Pujols was willing to walk away from the Cardinals. St. Louis fans should be grateful for the two World Series championships Pujols helped deliver and wish him well.

• Prince Fielder is obviously the next big domino to fall. I hope the speculation that the Cardinals will go after him is incorrect because that would be really insulting if they wouldn’t budge off their offer for their homegrown star and then offered Fielder the moon.

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