Sunday, January 22, 2012

For Braun, mum is the word

Ryan Braun apparently gave his version of an Oscar speech in accepting the National League Most Valuable Player award last night. But unlike some Oscar winners, he steered away from anything remotely controversial, namely the positive test result that a lot of people wanted to hear him talk about and try to explain.

Braun was likely advised not to say anything while he was challenging the test result that could get him suspended from baseball for 50 games. So he didn’t. Instead, he focused his speech on thanking a wide group of people, including the players’ union that apparently is supporting him in his battle to get the test results thrown out. Braun made a vague reference to dealing with challenges, but he never said what those challenges were and whether they were even partly of his own making.

The night was not all about Braun as there was what sounds like a very moving tribute to Gary Carter, the former New York Mets great who is battling brain tumors, another lovely send-off for the now retired former head trainer of the New York Yankees Gene Monahan, and a respectful good-bye and thank you from Jose Reyes, who is taking his talents to Miami (but not in the same obnoxious way as you know who).

However, Braun’s appearance seems to have overshadowed the normally festive night, much to the chagrin I’m sure of the other baseball greats in attendance. And they didn’t even get the satisfaction of hearing Braun explain himself to a lot of people who deserve an explanation, including his employers at the Milwaukee Brewers, who apparently are as much in the dark about what’s going on as the rest of us.

For Braun, mum is the operative word and it’s pretty disappointing.

Thanks to Dana Files for the Wikipedia photo.  

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