Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can't forgive Andy Pettitte's shady testimony

The terrible news about Mariano Rivera completely distracted me from an issue that had been bothering me for days: the suddenly faulty memory of Andy Pettitte, which I find incredibly shady.  

Mike Lupica, a writer who I’m normally not the hugest fan of most days, perfectly summed up my feelings in his column today. He basically called Pettitte a phony and made it clear that he cannot have it both ways, constantly expressing his faith in the Lord and then putting his hand on a bible and not telling the whole truth to save his old friend. Unfortunately, the damage of Pettitte’s testimony is done and Roger Clemens could get off scot-free because of it.

I was willing to forgive Pettitte’s use of human growth hormone because he was seemingly remorseful and honest about it, unlike other baseball players (Jason Giambi). But I can’t forgive him going on the witness stand and giving his old pal an out by all of a sudden not being sure about what he heard. For me, Pettitte now falls into the Alex Rodriguez category, a guy who I am forced to root for because the New York Yankees need him to do well. But I won’t be sad the next time Pettitte decides to retire.  

I was so excited about an Andy Pettitte comeback, pledging to do whatever it takes to be there for his first game back with the Yankees, but his testimony has left a sour taste in my mouth. Now I’ll just stay home.  

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