Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baseball Giants go green

Here’s some news out of San Francisco that warms this environmental journalist’s heart. The San Francisco Giants installed four new electric vehicle charging stations at AT&T Park, a nod to California’s status as the environmental leader in the US.

I had the great pleasure of visiting the beautiful AT&T Park back in April with my good friend Scott, another notch in my quest to visit every Major League ballpark in America (have already been to the Rogers Centre in Toronto many times, thanks to the New York Yankees). 

AT&T Park was the last stop on a fantastic day that started with a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge and a visit to the Muir Woods.

The area around the ballpark is just gorgeous, especially McCovey Cove, as seen in these photos. I found the food choices at the ballpark somewhat limiting and it gets very cold there, even on a relatively nice day. But the atmosphere and the fans were fantastic, including the mother and college-bound son sitting next to us who I chatted with for much of the game. Plus, there was an awesome fireworks display after the game (and I’m a sucker for fireworks so I loved it).

The Giants are rightly proud of their green partnerships (the giveaway that day was sponsored by solar panel maker Hanwha Solar, as you can see from this photo). 

I’m glad to see baseball teams such as the Giants and other sports franchises taking the initiative to truly be greener in their operations. It’s not just good for the environment. It’s good business. 

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