Monday, October 29, 2012

SF Giants creating a new baseball dynasty?

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on their second World Series championship in three years!

It is truly an impressive feat in this day and age with multiple rounds of playoff baseball. Perhaps the Giants will emulate the New York Yankees of the late 1990s in creating a new baseball dynasty, with strong starting pitching and bullpen relief and timely hitting in the clutch by position players, many of whom are not superstars, who are unafraid of the spotlight.

I must say that I was very surprised that the Giants were able to sweep the Detroit Tigers. I expected the series to be more competitive, thinking that it would go at least six games. But Justin Verlander getting smacked around in Game 1 was a dagger to the heart and the Tigers never really did recover despite better starting pitching from the rest of the rotation. And Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder picked the absolute worst time to slump. Or perhaps the Giants pitching is really that good, much better than anyone has really given them credit for.

I guess the one upside of the Yankees not winning the World Series this year is that there is no victory parade for Hurricane Sandy to crash. Stay safe folks!

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