Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yankees safe choice disappointing

I guess I'm not the only one disappointed in the New York Yankees for making the safe choice by sticking Freddy Garcia in the rotation rather than Bartolo Colon.

Daily News beat writer Mark Feinsand took the same stance that I did, that the Yankees should have given the slot to Colon, who had a terrific spring. Feinsand also had a problem with the Yankees acting like a small-market team and making the safe choice rather than taking the risks expected from a team whose ultimate goal is to climb back to the top of the baseball world.

I feel bad for Colon, who did everything that was asked of him and pitched better than anyone else in camp, only to earn a ticket to the bullpen and a long relief/mop-up role. But I'm comforted by the fact that Colon remains on the team. I never liked Sergio Mitre as much as Joe Girardi did and was happy that they traded him away to free up a bullpen spot for Colon.

With Colon in the bullpen, though, that puts some pressure on Garcia to pitch well or he could be yanked from the rotation in favor of Colon. So this fifth-starter debate is far from over and will keep things very interesting in the early days of the baseball season.

Thanks to phillymads63 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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