Friday, March 18, 2011

Yankees, Torre finally fully at peace

Joe Torre revealed that the New York Yankees have invited him back to Yankee Stadium for Old-Timers Day, more evidence that the Yankees have finally made peace with their old manager.

Torre excitedly talked about the invitation he received from the Yankees, showing there are no longer any hard feelings on his part for his nasty divorce from the Yankees. This was not a surprise since Torre went out of his way to express gratitude toward the Yankees at the Baseball Writers’ Association dinner in January. As for Brian Cashman and the Steinbrenner sons, they seem to have gotten past the anger they felt toward Torre after his unflattering description of his treatment at the end of his career in the Bronx in the Yankee Years.

Can a day to honor Torre by retiring his #6 be far behind? Probably not this year, but I expect it to happen in the next couple of years. Torre seems perfectly content with his new job in Major League Baseball's front office so the prospects that he'll embarrass the Yankees by returning to the manager’s chair again (particularly in Queens) are dim, especially since Torre said he doesn't miss managing at all.

The ice in the relationship between Torre and the Yankees has fully thawed, removing the final barrier for Torre receiving the well-deserved honor. The Steinbrenner sons might make him wait a year or two just because they can, particularly Hank because he seems determined to be like his father and George Steinbrenner would definitely have made Torre wait. But eventually they will come around and give Torre and his fans the proper sendoff and celebration for the last great Yankees dynasty that we all deserve.

Is all forgotten? Probably not, but the rapprochement is a positive sign that all things can eventually be forgiven.

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