Friday, November 11, 2011

Is Jorge Posada's baseball career over?

We know that Jorge Posada’s great career with the New York Yankees is over. He told us that himself. But is his baseball career over or will he do the unthinkable and put on another baseball team’s uniform? Not even Jorge knows right now.

Posada saw the writing on the wall. He didn’t have to be told by Brian Cashman or the Steinbrenners that his great Yankees career was coming to an end, despite a terrific postseason in which he tried to singlehandedly carry the Yankees lineup to victory. In fact, one of the most disappointing things about the Yankees’ early exit was watching Posada unsuccessfully fight back tears, knowing that he would never again put on the Yankees uniform as a big-league player.

But Posada’s successful postseason proved to himself (and apparently to several teams) that he can still play the game of baseball. Plus, Posada has a lot to offer to a team looking for a spark from a fiery veteran with an impressive postseason resume. Would Posada actually put on another team’s uniform? We’ll see. He may decide he needs just one more year to undo the sting of struggling with his designated hitter/bench guy role with the Yankees and the emotions of his demotion during the 2011 regular season.

If Posada’s career is over, then the next question becomes, was it a Hall of Fame-worthy career? His ex-manager Joe Torre, soon to be a Hall of Famer himself, certainly thinks so. Derek Jeter won’t comment on his buddy’s situation unless Posada officially retires, but if he does, then I’m sure the Yankees shortstop will plug his pal’s candidacy for Cooperstown.

As much as I would like to see Jorge walk away never having worn another uniform, I want more to see him walk away from the sport on his own terms. If he feels he needs to play for another team to do that, then he absolutely should. I will still root for Jorge no matter where he goes, unless, of course, it’s Boston!

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