Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Will the Yankees ever get the real ARod back?

Either Brian Cashman is a terrific liar or he really does believe that the New York Yankees will get the real Alex Rodriguez back next year. I’m not so sure.

Cashman blamed ARod’s long stint on the disabled list for a frustratingly inept postseason performance and wondered if the Yankees would have been better off starting Eric Chavez at third base. But he expressed confidence that ARod can retake his place as one of the game’s best hitters if he stays healthy. “If he stays healthy” is a big question mark.

ARod also believes the real ARod will show up again in 2012, but he’s delusional on some many different issues that it’s hard to take him seriously, such as him counting himself and the re-signing of CC Sabathia as the Yankees’ two big moves this offseason. Apparently, ARod still sees himself as one of the premier players in baseball, all evidence to the contrary. Age and injuries seem to have caught up with ARod pretty quickly, although they likely had a lot of help due to his long-term steroids abuse.

I can’t blame Cashman for hoping for the best out of ARod. Through no fault of his own, Cashman cannot run his baseball team the way he wants to because of ARod’s ridiculous contract. Don’t you think Cashman would be more aggressive in pursuing one or two of the top starters on the free-agent market if he didn’t have to pay ARod $30 million a year? The general manager has to hope ARod will regain his previous form and provide enough offense that the Yankees’ stacked lineup overshadows the lack of depth in their starting rotation.

I’ll be beyond thrilled if ARod proves me wrong and becomes a solid version of the player he used to be. But I won’t hold my breath.

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