Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Giants victory parade a fun day for all

I'm interrupting this regularly scheduled baseball blog for a day in honor of the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. I was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who played hooky from work, with permission, of course ;)  to attend yesterday's victory parade. Here are some of my pictures from what was a great party, except for the cold wind gusts that made it feel like it was in the 30s rather than above the 40 degree mark.

Despite my relative height disadvantage, I got some pretty good player pictures, including this one of David Diehl, who was loving the crowd attention.

And Justin Tuck, who apparently likes us but is not as fond of Mr. Bundchen, I mean Tom Brady.

And Chris Canty, who accurately predicted the Giants would win, but was slightly off on the final score. He also won the prize for hat of the day.

I only got Eli Manning from behind because some dope got overly excited by the mere presence of the two-time Super Bowl MVP and jumped into my perfectly framed shot. You will have to take my word for it that it would have been an award-winning photo. By the time I recovered, Eli's float had long moved on. But if you're looking for a place in Tribeca, this photo is pretty helpful.

And some daring/crazy chick courting danger in her quest to get better pictures. In her honor, that movie should be renamed Woman on a Ledge. 

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