Friday, February 17, 2012

Sad day as Mets family loses Gary Carter

My heart goes out to the New York Mets family and all their fans over the loss of Gary Carter.

It’s a terribly sad day in Queens even though the news of Carter’s death is hardly a surprise. He had been bravely battling brain cancer for months, but his prognosis seemed to be getting worse. I could sense the end was near when he was too weak to attend last month’s Baseball Writers of America awards, with his children’s emotional acceptance of the “You Gotta Have Heart” award on his behalf.

Carter had a lot of heart. There’s no question about that. He was a mentally tough individual but a steady force in baseball.  And Carter was a very deserving member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, with 11 All-Star elections (twice being named the Most Valuable Player of the game), five Silver Slugger awards and three Gold Gloves.

On a team of hooligans who proudly abused drugs and women, Carter stood out for his refusal to join the party. Carter helped the 1986 Mets win a World Series championship, but never let their bad behavior touch him. He was the voice of reason and responsibility for a team that desperately needed it. The Mets would never have won that title without his leadership and his baseball talents.

Rest in peace, Kid.

Thanks to MTLskyline via Wikipedia for the image. 

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