Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pettitte comeback sullied by Clemens retrial

Andy Pettitte should be completely focused on his (hopefully imminent) return to the New York Yankees. Thanks to his old pal Roger Clemens, that’s just not possible.

Pettitte had another strong outing this weekend as he gets ready to head north to the Bronx to reclaim a spot in the Yankees starting rotation. The veteran lefty is working on his stamina and his control on the mound. He seems to be in a good place mentally for his comeback. But that could be seriously hindered when and if he is called to testify against Clemens.

Pettitte is considered a star witness so in all likelihood he will have to testify, unless some plea deal is reached before the trial starts tomorrow (highly doubtful as Clemens has consistently and quite stubbornly maintained his innocence).

If Pettitte does take the stand, it will break his heart to have to tell the court that his pal confessed to using a banned substance. But he will do it, because Pettitte is an honest guy and he will tell the truth after putting his hand on the bible and swearing to do exactly that. I just hope that whatever pain and anguish he feels over possibly helping to send his former friend to prison does not follow him to the Bronx. 

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