Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yankees comeback a great birthday present for me

The New York Yankees gave me a fantastic gift for my birthday yesterday when they staged an epic comeback against the hated Red Sox.

Of course, since I was out celebrating my birthday with my family, I didn’t see the live version of the event. Thank goodness for my DVR. I was able to fast forward through the less fun parts of the game, like the Saux taking a 9-0 lead, to see the Yankees smacking baseballs all over Fenway Park. As an added bonus, I saw the 9th inning of Phil Humber’s perfect game (that was probably the one and only time I actually didn’t mind that Fox cut away from Yankees-Red Sox).

I feel a little bit bad for Bobby Valentine. He is taking a lot of heat for something that isn’t his fault. The Red Sox are a seriously flawed team and it’s showing out the field. The Yankees don’t make that comeback without the shoddy bullpen work of the Saux. But I don’t feel that bad for Bobby V. He desperately wanted that Boston job and he got it. Valentine will have to live with whatever comes next. Hopefully he won’t be a fall guy, the way Terry Francona was.

I was looking forward to tonight’s game, which was just rained out unfortunately, so the Yankees can’t go for the three-game sweep. But I guess I will just have to re-watch last night’s instant classic.

Happy birthday to me! Thanks, Yanks. 

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