Friday, July 13, 2012

Apologetic Reggie Jackson should go silent

The great Reggie Jackson has been humbled and embarrassed by the reaction to his ill-advised comments in Sports Illustrated. He has repeatedly apologized for expressing his opinions about Alex Rodriguez’s use of performance-enhancing drugs, even though many people, including yours truly, agree with him. He has expressed deep remorse for his hurtful words about the late, great Gary Carter’s Hall of Fame credentials. But now what Reggie needs to do is just disappear for a while.

Reports surfaced that Jackson will rejoin the New York Yankees when the team makes a West Coast swing later this month. I think that’s a big mistake. I think Reggie should stay away and stay out of sight. With the Yankees, there is always some new controversy on the horizon. If Reggie stays away until then, the impact of his words will diminish and some people will even forget what the big deal was.

But the heat is not going to die down until Reggie stops talking, if he can. Reggie loves to talk and we love him for it, but right now it’s not in his best interest. I hope he realizes that sooner rather than later, before he says something he can’t take back. 

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