Sunday, July 22, 2012

No need to panic about Oakland sweep

Well, the New York Yankees were bound to run into a team that could beat them at some point.

The Yankees couldn’t continue battering their opponents into submission forever. Even the best teams lose games on occasion. So the Oakland A’s swept the mighty Yankees out in California, with two of their four wins coming in walk-off fashion. The games were all very close, with the Yankees starting pitching pretty good, but the young A’s hurlers just a little bit better. The culprit this weekend was the Yankees offense, which was throttled for the most part by some impressive young arms.

But the Yankees still have a six-game lead and plenty of games against their division rivals when they return from what will thankfully be the last West Coast trip of the year. As long as they take care of business, starting against the Boston Red Sox next weekend, they should still win the American League East by a nice margin. But I’d like to see the offense awaken again before they return to New York.

So let’s not panic about one sweep. But if the Yankees can’t bounce back against the lowly Seattle Mariners, it may be time to start to worrying. 

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