Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dickey lone bright spot in bad season for Mets

A hearty congratulations goes out to RA Dickey for capturing the National League Cy Young award in a decisive victory.

Dickey was the lone bright spot in a bad season for the New York Mets, the only reason I even bothered to watch Mets games this season (when they weren’t playing the New York Yankees of course). He joined legendary Hall of Famer Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden as the only Cy Young award winners in New York Mets history by winning 20 games – on a bad Mets team that only won 74 games – and leading the National League in strikeouts, innings, complete games and shutouts.  

Aside from now being an award-winning pitcher, Dickey is a remarkable human being. He literally has climbed the highest mountains to help others. His bravery in writing a book detailing the sexual abuse he suffered as a child should be acknowledged and rewarded.

But that’s not why Dickey won the award. His was a season for the ages and deserved the recognition. It’s just too bad it happened in such a down year for the Mets. But it did give Mets fans something to hold on to and that should be celebrated.

Thanks to dbking via Wikipedia for the RA Dickey photo.

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