Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Soria to replace Soriano with Yankees?

It’s starting to look more and more likely that the New York Yankees will hire a new guy to set up for Mariano Rivera.
Rivera’s decision not to retire was very welcome, especially by yours truly. But it did quickly take the fun out of what would have been a fascinating negotiation between the Yankees and Scott Boras, with Boras eager to help the Yankees spend their millions to preserve their brand (translation: to help Rafael Soriano strike it rich again). Since the Yankees seem relatively confident that Mo will recover from his injury, the only question left by letting Soriano walk is who takes his place as the primary set-up man and replacement for Mo if he can’t pitch for whatever reason. If you believe Joakim Soria’s agent, and you should take anything any agent says with a grain of salt, Soria wants to be that guy.

The Yankees have been infatuated with Soria for years, reportedly once trying to trade then top-prospect Jesus Montero for him. They were never able to pry him away from the Kansas City Royals, but now that he is a free agent, perhaps he is eager to leave KC for the bright lights of the Big Apple. Soria apparently worships Mo and would be willing to relinquish his job as a closer just to pitch alongside the Yankees legendary closer, according to this espnnewyork.com report. And Mariano, being the great guy and teammate that he is, would happily mentor the youngster who could one day permanently take his place, just as he has mentored David Robertson and other young Yankee pitchers.
It seems like Soria could be a good fit for the Yankees. But it’s a big question if he will sign a contract of the length and money that fits within the Yankees newfound budget austerity. I hope it comes together. Stay tuned, folks and Happy Election Day. Go vote!

Thanks to Keith Allison via Wikipedia for the photo.

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