Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Disappointing lack of new Hall of Famers

While it is not a surprise, it sure is a disappointment that none of the very deserving candidates were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today.

Craig Biggio came oh-so-close to election, topping the field with 68.2% of the vote. I was concerned that he might have to wait a few years because of the coming influx of surefire first-ballot candidates next year, but that high vote total indicates to me that he will get in shortly because the few people who thought he should not go in on the first try will likely vote for him in 2014.

The same can’t be said for Jack Morris. I’m frustrated by his static candidacy, with his percentage barely budging in the face of opposition from the overzealous stat geeks. He only has one more shot next year with the baseball writers and it is possible that they will let him in on his last chance. But I don’t think he will get in because he will have to fight for a spot against the likes of first-ballot newcomers such as Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas and holdovers such as Biggio and Mike Piazza.

Piazza had a solid debut in the voting with 57.8% and even with the crowded ballot, I think he will make it in next year or the year after. He certainly deserves it and his showing makes me believe that he will overcome any suspicions that he was a performance-enhancing drug user, unless some evidence emerges in the next year that he did cheat.  

Tim Raines continued an agonizing slow march toward induction, with his vote percentage rising more than 3% to 52.2%. He has plenty of time on the ballot so I think he has a good chance of getting in, but it might not happen until his last few years of eligibility.  

But it’s sad that these players have to wait at all because they are all very worthy of induction. Better luck next time, guys! 

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