Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soriano finally lands on his feet

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the deal Rafael Soriano got with the Washington Nationals.

Sure it’s not the guaranteed three-year deal he probably wanted. But his agent Scott Boras got him roughly the same amount of money he would have gotten had he returned to the New York Yankees for one year. And he did get a two-year deal – with a vesting option – to pitch for a young, contending team. It’s a pretty good deal considering that it is the middle of January and the market for Soriano seemed nonexistent once the Detroit Tigers made it clear they were not in the bidding for Soriano’s services.
I wonder how Soriano feels about his new deal. It probably would have been a better move to accept the Yankees offer and stay in New York in 2013. But I’m sure feels good about having a strong chance to close baseball games for another good team rather than return to the Bronx for another year to set up for Mariano Rivera. Soriano did a terrific job for the Yankees in 2012, but he wasn’t going to have a chance to compete to close games here. That job belongs to Mo as long as he wants it.
So after months of uncertainty, Soriano has finally landed on his feet. Good for him.

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