Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas is Andy Pettitte

Dear Santa,

I am a New York Yankees fan (as I'm sure you are too). I only want one thing for Christmas this year. Please convince Andy Pettitte to delay his retirement and pitch for the Yankees for one final season.

The Yankees need Andy more than they would like to admit. We know that without Andy, the chances of the Yankees bouncing back from this year's humiliating defeat in the American League Championship Series are virtually nonexistent. CC Sabathia is a great ace and a horse and Phil Hughes is going to be a superstar, but they can't carry the rotation by themselves. Yankee fans have lost faith in AJ Burnett (I guess we know what AJ's asking you for Christmas) and it's not clear that any of the kids in the Yankee farm system can pitch in the big leagues.

If Andy truly wants to go home for good, he absolutely should. But if he has even a little itch to keep pitching, he should definitely come back to the Bronx where he is worshipped and adored almost as much as you are. Even with his advancing age, Andy is a star in pinstripes and one of the players we depend on the most, who always seems to step up when the Yankees need him.
Just one more year, please. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

Merry Christmas,

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