Saturday, December 18, 2010

When will the Yankees make a big move?

Ever since being rejected by Cliff Lee, the New York Yankees have made a series of small moves to round out their team. But when will they make their big move?

The Yankees agreed to steal Pedro Feliciano away from the cross-town rival Mets, just days after they announced they had signed catcher Russell Martin. Nice moves. Feliciano can help lighten the load for Boone Logan from the left side of the bullpen. Russell will help ease the transition of Jorge Posada from starting catcher to full-time designated hitter. The Yankees seemed committed to moving Posada next spring, but I never thought they would just hand the job to one of their young minor-league backstops, no matter how talented they are. That makes Russell a nice one-year insurance policy.

But neither Feliciano nor Russell qualifies as a big move and Yankee fans expect big moves. Perhaps Brian Cashman is just biding his time, waiting for the right opportunity. Or perhaps he really doesn't know what the big move is. When Cashman said "Plan B is patience," it became obvious that the Yankees didn't really have a Plan B for Lee deciding not to take all the money they threw at him. Carl Crawford was supposedly a Plan B before he signed with the Boston Red Sox. But he never filled the team's most glaring need: a good, reliable starting pitcher to help solidify their rotation.

The holidays are coming up so Yankee fans will be distracted by families and shopping. But we're not the most patient bunch in the world. Cashman is going to have to make that big move pretty soon.

Thanks to eviltomthai and UCinternational via Wikipedia for the photo.

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