Thursday, December 30, 2010

Syracuse bowl victory warms the heart

The frigid air at Yankee Stadium had me wishing George Steinbrenner had shelled out the extra cash for that retractable roof the New York Yankees were considering, but the Syracuse Orange emerging victorious after a tough battle with Kansas State warmed my heart.

It was a nerve-wracking game, for sure, but it was a battle between two well-matched teams that ended in a 36-34 victory for Syracuse. The Orange offense looked good and moved the ball well. But the defense never had an answer for the Wildcats, giving up score after score and immediately losing whatever momentum was gained after each big play by the offense. Most of the penalty calls went against the Orange during the game, but they got lucky when K-State was flagged for an excessive celebration that made their two-point try to tie the game much more difficult than it needed to be.

It was a pretty partisan crowd at the new Yankee Stadium, with the vast majority of fans wearing bright orange, which was not at all surprising. The organizers of the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl had to know that their chances of filling the stadium improved with the presence of the Orange. The Syracuse faithful is often criticized for not traveling long distances to support our team (not me, I’ve gone as far as Arizona to cheer on the Orange). But basketball games in New York City at Madison Square Garden are practically home games for the Orange. Tonight at Yankee Stadium was no different.

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