Sunday, April 3, 2011

AJ Burnett passes first test

I can't even get out of bed when I have a cold so I consider AJ Burnett's outing yesterday a really good sign.

Yes, it’s only one game, but Burnett will be thoroughly analyzed on a game-by-game basis this season so we might as well go with it. Viewed through that prism, giving up three runs in five innings constitutes a good performance, especially when you factor in that AJ was at less than 100% physically.

The New York Yankees will take that kind of performance from Burnett every time he takes the ball this baseball season. All he has to do is keep them in games and avoid the kind of blowout innings that buried him and his team last year. Three runs in five or six innings from Burnett will be more than enough to win the game on most days with the Yankees’ strong lineup and dominant bullpen.

One start down for AJ, only 30+ more to go in 2011. The Yankees will be thrilled if they all look like they did yesterday.

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