Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hughes won't be yanked from Yankee rotation

Phil Hughes is not getting yanked from the New York Yankees rotation. At least not yet, probably not anytime soon either.

Two bad starts into the season and the Yankee beat writers already started peppering Joe Girardi with questions about Hughes being replaced in the rotation by Bartolo Colon, who pitched really well against the Red Sox and didn't deserve the loss. Girardi dismissed the possibility, noting that Hughes won 18 games last year. The Yankees will give Hughes enough time to work the problem out, especially if their other starters continue to pitch well.

I don't worry about Hughes from a physical or mechanical perspective. As long as he's healthy, which he insists that he is, the 24-year-old will get his groove back. I just hope that it does not take so long that it starts to undermine his confidence. There were some signs of that in his postgame meeting with the press when Hughes talked about not bringing anything to the team. But Hughes is man enough to stand in front of his locker and answer the questions (unlike some teammates), knowing the sportswriters will start writing about him being bounced from the rotation, and I think holding himself accountable is a good sign.

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