Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can Bud Selig save the LA Dodgers?

How bad must things be behind the scenes with the Los Angeles Dodgers if that team is a better candidate for a takeover than the woeful, Madoff-stricken Mets? Things must have gotten pretty bad if Bud Selig felt compelled to step in and try to save the Dodgers from the dueling McCourts (and stop them from trampling on what’s left of his legacy).

Selig’s statement doesn’t give much of a clue to what caused his concerns about impending doom for the Dodgers, but it’s safe to say that news of McCourt being forced to take a loan from Fox was a factor. Selig made it clear that he’s worried both about the financial health and the legacy of one of baseball’s oldest and proudest franchises, which has taken major hits recently with the never-ending McCourt war and the brutal attack on a San Francisco Giants fan in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

Of course, McCourt is not going to take this lying down. He’s already battling his wife in one courtroom. He and Selig may end up on opposite sides of another courtroom pretty soon, which will just make things worse for the Dodgers and Major League Baseball.

I feel for Donnie Baseball. Don Mattingly finally gets a manager’s job for a team with dysfunctional owners who got kicked to the curb by the commissioner of baseball. I hope the chaos at the top has a minimal impact on the baseball his team plays, but it’s hard to imagine it won’t have an effect on personnel decisions if the team is that strapped for cash. Joe Torre jumped ship at just the right time, but I can’t help wondering how much influence he had on Selig’s decision now that he’s working for MLB.

Maybe Selig can prevent the Dodgers from falling apart. I hope so. I would take no pleasure in seeing the Dodgers team suffer, just as I get no joy seeing the mess the Mets are in.

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