Thursday, June 9, 2011

Only CC Sabathia can save Yankees

The New York Yankees desperately need to be saved tonight by their ace CC Sabathia.

Really he is the only one that can salvage what has become a very bad week for the Yankees. AJ Burnett had a prime opportunity to prove that he could be the guy for the Yankees, to shut up David Ortiz and show the Boston Red Sox they couldn't just walk into the stadium and manhandle the Yankees. But Burnett put his team in a 7-0 hole that it just couldn’t get out of. The Yankees need Sabathia to do the exact opposite, to shut down the Red Sox long enough for the Yankee offense to scrape enough runs off of Josh Beckett for a victory.

The news got worse for the Yankees today as Joba Chamberlain's injury appears much worse than initially thought. If the diagnosis is confirmed and Joba needs Tommy John surgery, he's done for this year and probably the first few months of the 2012 season. I feel awful for Joba, who was finally on his way to fulfilling his potential. Sabathia can’t do anything about Joba’s injury, but he can make Joe Girardi’s day a lot easier by putting the ball in Mariano Rivera’s hands tonight.

The only thing the Yankees have going for them is that even if they lose tonight's game, they will be only a few games behind the Red Sox in the American League East. And yes, I know the 2009 Yankees lost the first 8 games against the Saux, only to go on to win the World Series. But that Yankees team was a lot better than this one because Derek Jeter was having a career year offensively and defensively and Andy Pettitte was in the rotation. But one thing the 2009 and 2011 Yankees have in common is that they both have Sabathia as their ace. And only he can right the ship with a big performance tonight.

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