Monday, June 13, 2011

Yankees take frustrations out on wrong team

Someone was going to pay for the way the Boston Red Sox manhandled the New York Yankees. Unfortunately for the Cleveland Indians, they were the unlucky team to come to the Bronx after Boston left town. But I wish the Yankees had shown that kind of fight against the Saux.

Cleveland still has a good shot to avoid a four-game sweep since the Yankees have AJ Burnett on the mound tonight. But the Indians had to suffer through two dominant performances from Bartolo Colon (before his injury raised fresh questions about the state of the Yankee rotation) and Freddy Garcia and a pretty solid outing by Ivan Nova. And Indians starter Fausto Carmona instigated a near-brawl when he purposely drilled Mark Teixeira while Mitch Talbot was tossed from the next game for hitting Alex Rodriguez. In all fairness, I don’t think the ARod hit by pitch was on purpose, but the umpires had to throw Talbot out to regain control of the series before things got out of hand and someone got hurt.

While the Bombers have taken their frustrations out on Cleveland, they still haven’t figured out why they so easily succumb to the Red Sox. The Yankees looked like world beaters in going 6-3 on a long West Coast trip and in pounding the Indians. But it just seems they are beating up on the wrong teams. Where is that effort against the Red Sox?

In winning these three games against Cleveland, the Yankees have managed to keep pace with the surging Saux and remain only two games behind in the American League East. But the Yankees can beat up on inferior teams outside their division as much as they want. If they can’t figure out how to beat the Red Sox, their quest for another World Series championship may turn out to be futile.

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