Friday, June 24, 2011

Strong start best birthday gift for Phil Hughes

I would imagine that what Phil Hughes wants most for his birthday is a strong start that puts him one step closer to returning to the big leagues.

Hughes' 25th birthday will be spent in Connecticut starting against a bunch of minor leaguers not that much younger than him who are hoping to replicate his success in reaching the big leagues. The New York Yankees will be praying Hughes’ start will be a successful one. The Yankees define success as about 75 pitches, a sustained velocity in the 92-94 mph range and the absence of any pain in that valuable right arm. If Hughes passes those three tests, he could be well on his way back to the major leagues.

This has to be a disappointing and frustrating season so far for young Mr. Hughes. In spring training, most of the talk was about Hughes becoming a pivotal member of the Yankees rotation, filling the #3 slot and trying to replicate his successful 2010 campaign. But now the talk is whether he can get back to the big leagues after a long stint on the disabled list in time to help the Yankees make a run at the American League East division title in the second half of the year.

Whatever happens tonight in Connecticut, I hope he has fun on what could be his last enjoyable milestone birthday, at least from a baseball perspective as players tend to lose their skills as they age. Ah, to be 25 years old again. Not that I mind being 35 as I’m actually enjoying this decade of my life. But I do wish I knew most of what I know now back then. My 20s would have been a lot more enjoyable.

Happy Birthday, Phil! Get well soon and hurry back!

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