Saturday, March 24, 2012

No need to rip Joba over gruesome injury

I don't believe in kicking a man when he is down, but Bill Madden apparently has no problem doing exactly that.

Madden's column in the New York Daily News ripped Joba Chamberlain for the gruesome, potentially life-threatening, ankle injury he sustained while playing on a trampoline with his son Karter. While I agree that Joba probably shouldn't have been on the trampoline in the first place, I can't help but feel Madden was way too harsh in his criticism, especially considering that Joba's life could be at risk. Even Brian Cashman was shaken up by the news and clearly more concerned about Joba's health than the impact of this devastating injury on the New York Yankees.

Anyone who follows Joba on Twitter knows how much he loves his son. Chamberlain is constantly posting photos and video of his cute little boy for all Yankees fans and the world to see. He has said that the blessing in disguise of his unexpected arm injury last year was the thrill of seeing his son off to school for the first time. And Joba very much acts like a big kid himself at times so I'm not at all surprised to hear about how the injury occurred.

But Madden is flat-out wrong to compare Joba's situation to Brien Taylor, the one-time hot Yankee prospect whose career fizzled after he injured his arm in a bar fight. Joba wasn't pulling a Taylor or a David Wells and fighting with some drunken guy. He was playing with his kid. I wish all fathers were as devoted to their kids as Joba is to his boy.

And I guarantee no one feels worse about this injury than Joba himself. So why does Madden feel the need to kick the man when he's down? Badly done on Madden's part.

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