Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Yankee fan at Fenway Park

I was in Boston this week hoping to see the Syracuse University men’s basketball team advance to the Final Four for the first time since our national title-winning season of 2003. Instead, I had to watch a glorious season on the court (and a dreadful one off of it) end in a loss to Ohio State. Your condolences are very much appreciated.

However, I did something very cool on this trip that some fellow fans of the New York Yankees might find blasphemous. I visited Fenway Park for a behind-the-scenes tour and actually had a wonderful time. Be gentle, folks.

One of the main reasons I had a lovely time was that our guide was funny and knowledgeable and happy to tease the Yankee fans in the group. I found it most amusing when he said that he genuinely hoped Mariano Rivera would decide to retire after the season. It confirmed that even though the Red Sox have had more success against Mo than most teams, they still would rather not face him at the end of games.

I wouldn’t want to watch games at Fenway Park regularly. The wooden seats are uncomfortable and tight, even for my relatively skinny frame. But it was fun to hear the story of the famous red seat, which was nicely told to us by our guide. And I really loved sitting in the Green Monster seats, even though they are small and cold. The view from up there is just fantastic. I sure did have fun visiting the press box, where our guide confirmed that Boston reporters have earned their reputation as being a tough, cranky bunch.

If you ever make it to Boston, I highly recommend the Fenway Park tour. As someone who loves to visit different ballparks, I found it well worth the $12 fee for a good hour of baseball history. Even if it is Red Sox history. 

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  1. Yankees hands down. Boston is 2nd but not nearly like the Yanks. People are probably giving Yankees tickets away because they are a horrible team. In general I hate New York teams the most though- especially the Jets.