Thursday, July 1, 2010

Field mess shows baseball should come 1st

Curtis Granderson is absolutely right: the field at Yankee Stadium is a total mess. And it not's fair to the players who roam the outfield.

The grass got torn up pretty good during the Yuri Foreman vs. Miguel Cotto boxing match in early June and it still hasn't recovered. And now the Yankee players are concerned that the field will get destroyed even further when Jay-Z and Eminem do a gig on two nights in mid-September. Imagine that: a bad field right before the New York Yankees start their October run on national television. Wouldn't that be embarrassing for the richest team in baseball?

I understand the desire to make a little extra cash by hosting non-baseball events, but not during the season if the Yankees can't take care of the field. They need to keep in mind that their baseball team is their primary moneymaker and if they can't keep the field in tip-top shape for their players, than they should say no when people come asking if they can use the stadium.

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