Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspired push for Swisher on All-Star team

I chuckled when I logged on to today and saw the wallpaper full of pictures of Nick Swisher on a campaign button with the message "Send Swish," as in send him to the All-Star game in Anaheim next week. I laughed even harder when I watched this awesome, hilarious campaign video put together by the Yankees marketing team.

It's just part of a clever marketing campaign that you don’t generally see in baseball and Swisher is the perfect player to build it around. The New York Yankees right fielder is beloved by fans for his playfulness and they will respond to the push to put their guy on the team (I've already done my fair share of voting for Swish, even though the balloting doesn't close until Thursday).

He has made it perfectly clear that he would love to join his Yankees teammates on the All-Star squad and how much it would mean to him to get voted in by the fans who love him. Swisher is particularly excited about following in the footsteps of his dad Steve, who was an All-Star in 1976.

Swisher is not shy about promoting his candidacy, as seen in shooting the video. Plus, Swisher is already a social media guru and pledged to use his extensive Twitter following to campaign for votes.

“They do things first class around here,” Swisher said. “We’re going to use as many resources as we can and hopefully make it to my first All-Star game.”

I love that the Yankees are going all out for Swisher’s candidacy, mostly because he is incredibly deserving of a spot among baseball’s best.

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