Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swisher's early HR Derby exit good for Yanks

I'm really glad Nick Swisher bombed in the Home Run Derby.

Bombed in a good way of course as Swisher only hit four dingers, which guaranteed his elimination in the first round of the contest, finishing in sixth place. David Ortiz, the designated hitter of the Boston Red Sox, was the eventual winner with more than 30 homers.

If the main concern about players participating in the derby is exhaustion, the New York Yankees don't have to worry. Swisher barely broke a sweat and he only took about a dozen swings in the tournament, which shouldn't have a big impact on his stroke for the second half of the baseball season.

Swisher was well supported by his teammates Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez, who laughed during Swisher’s appearance and teased him mercilessly about how embarrassing it would be to get blanked in the contest. The Yankees right fielder managed to avoid that fate.

I'd say it was the perfect outcome for the Yankees in that Swisher got to participate, but didn't get hurt or too tired.

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