Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Torre would up the ante in Yanks-Mets rivalry

The Mets, mired in another disappointing season, have watched helplessly as the New York Yankees steamroll toward another playoff berth (and hopefully a second consecutive World Series title). But they could up the ante of the Subway Series rivalry by hiring Joe Torre to be their next manager.

I'm not advocating Jerry Manuel be fired. I think he's a good guy caught in a very bad situation, but it's hard to imagine him being the manager next year. And the Metsies are in desperate need of someone who brings instant credibility to the organization. Torre is that guy.

This column by Ian O'Connor outlines all the very good reasons why the Mets should go with Torre over all other choices, including Bobby Valentine (although I would love to see what kind of insanity would happen in Queens under Bobby V the Redux).

But to O’Conner’s argument, I would add another reason: the Mets are a dysfunctional mess where all jobs are in jeopardy while the Yankees’ biggest problem is trying to straighten out Joba Chamberlain. Say what you will about Joe Girardi, but he will likely be the Yankees manager for many more years (unless he decides the lure of home and the Chicago Cubs job is too much to resist).

Bringing Torre back to New York would be a good way to stick it to the Yankees, who are still unhappy with Torre's decision to spill the dirt in his book the Yankee Years. Of course, there are many reasons to hire Torre, but grabbing the spotlight back from the Bronx Bombers would be good enough for the Mets faithful.

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