Monday, September 19, 2011

Humble Mo on top of baseball world

All you need to know about Mariano Rivera came in the aftermath of his notching save #602 to break the all-time saves record.

His New York Yankees teammates Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez had to force him back to the mound to accept the rousing standing ovation he received from the Yankees faithful (damn my job for not allowing me to be there this afternoon). A humble and slightly embarrassed Mo clearly didn’t know what to do standing all by himself on the mound, but he also seemed genuinely touched by the applause from the crowd and from the classy Minnesota Twins.

In his post-game interview, Rivera was asked about someone breaking his brand-new mark -- like that's ever going to happen -- and all Mo said was that he hopes whoever does it has the same respect for the game of baseball that he does. That tells you something else about Rivera, that his love and respect for the game that he grew up playing is more important to him than being considered the greatest closer in baseball history.

Mariano Rivera is on top of the baseball world and it couldn't happen to a better, more humble guy. Congratulations, Mo!

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