Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random baseball thoughts

I don't know if David Einhorn was the right guy to buy a large chunk of the New York Mets, but the sad thing is that his failed bid puts the Mets and their fans right back where they started: in limbo.

• I still think AJ Burnett has to be the odd man out of the New York Yankees rotation. I only saw the highlights of his start against the Boston Red Sox, but the numbers indicate that it was a solid start (and frankly a lot better than anyone expected). But I still don't trust him over any of the other guys in the rotation and that includes young Ivan Nova, who is surely the #2 guy behind CC Sabathia if the playoffs started tomorrow.

• I appreciate Mark Teixeira and Dustin Pedroia stepping up to say that, yes, Yankees-Red Sox games are way too long. Perhaps Pedroia can have a talk with his pitcher Josh Beckett teammate to teammate and explain that he would get better defense behind him if he quickened his pace. I knew the length of the Rivalry games was out of control when I started falling asleep in the 7th inning.

• I wouldn’t be surprised to see Frank McCourt try to take a huge payout and sell his team to a Chinese-backed group, just to piss Bud Selig off. As much as Selig wants to expand baseball's popularity internationally, this is probably not what he had in mind.

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