Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Posada should catch Mo's record save

I can't even describe to you the feeling of pure joy and excitement I experienced on Saturday night watching Jorge Posada don the catcher's gear for the first time in 2011. The only thing that could surpass that good feeling is watching him put on the gear to catch Mariano Rivera's record-breaking save.

Rivera is only one save away from 600 and three saves away from surpassing Trevor Hoffman for the all-time saves record. Having Posada catch Mo for that one inning would make reaching that mark even more special than it already will be. Posada has been on the receiving end for 368 of Mariano Rivera’s saves so it would truly be like a fairy tale to have Posada catch him just one last time. With Derek Jeter out at shortstop, the three longest-tenured members of the New York Yankees, who have celebrated and suffered so much together in their years in baseball, deserve the chance to enjoy the historical feat together.

Judging from Posada’s obvious joy after the game on Saturday, he still has catching in his heart. With this likely being his last year in Yankee pinstripes, I bet it would mean the world to him to be on the field with his friend and long-time colleague for such a remarkable occasion. It might take some of the sting out of what has been a really tough year for Posada.

Kim Jones indicated during last night’s game that Joe Girardi flatly dismissed the idea of putting Posada behind the plate for Rivera’s record-breaking save, reiterating that Posada is only an emergency catcher and Saturday was an emergency. But perhaps Girardi will have a change of heart. In truth, I think it would go a long way toward mending whatever bad feelings Girardi and Posada may have for one another.

I will be in Toronto this weekend so I can hopefully watch history, a moment that will be even more special if the Key Three can celebrate it all together on the field.

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