Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cardinals on top of baseball world again

Game 7 wasn't nearly as fun to watch as Game 6, but the St. Louis Cardinals deserve a lot of credit for their compelling comeback this year.

The Cardinals came back from being down more than 10 games in late August to become World Series champions in October. I was rooting against the Cardinals, mainly because of my dislike for their manager and hitting coach. But I’m really happy for Lance Berkman, who was well liked in his brief stint with the New York Yankees and proved to the world that he is nowhere close to being done after a rough 2010 season. Plus, the kid David Freese makes for a great baseball story: hometown kid becomes a hometown hero after leading the Cardinals to another baseball championship.

I feel really bad for Ron Washington, who I love watching because he is as big a kid and a fan during tight games as the rest of us. He is probably going to get beat up in the press a little bit for some of his decisions, namely not pinch hitting for Colby Lewis when the Rangers had a chance to break the game open in Game 6. But this loss falls squarely on his pitching staff, which was twice unable to hold onto a two-run lead late in Game 6 and blew several other leads all through the series.

With a great World Series over, I will now go into my annual baseball withdrawal, forced to pay attention to the National Football League. What else can I say, but go football Giants!

Thanks to shgmom56 and UCinternational via Wikipedia for the David Freese photo.

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