Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Sox could drive CC Sabathia’s price up

Even if the Red Sox are able to get into the CC Sabathia sweepstakes, I don’t think they will be successful in signing him. But they will be extremely successful in driving the price up.

The New York Yankees will do everything possible to avoid that situation, namely by trying to finalize a new contract for Sabathia that will keep the lefty from actually opting out of his current deal and re-entering free agency. Sabathia wants to remain a Yankee so it seems like he is amendable to signing a new contract and forgoing a chance to listen to offers from other teams. But if he does opt out, the Red Sox will be one of the first teams calling.

I thought it was a mistake for Brian Cashman to publicly admit to taking Carl Crawford’s agent out to dinner to drive up Crawford’s price for the Red Sox. With the sting of the Crawford contract so fresh in the minds of the organization and Red Sox Nation, the Saux will be looking for any opportunity to return the favor. Bidding on Sabathia, who will be much more expensive than Crawford, is their chance.

Can the Yankees get Sabathia’s deal done before it gets to that point? We’ll know soon enough, but the Red Sox are probably salivating at the chance to do damage to their archrivals, even if it happens off the field.

Happy Halloween, folks!

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