Friday, October 21, 2011

NY Post unfairly invokes ARod in Qaddafi story

I find myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to defend Alex Rodriguez, thanks to the New York Post.

In a story about the death of Muammar Qaddafi, the Post claims that the former Libyan dictator was killed by a fan of the New York Yankees and shows a photo of the alleged killer wearing a Yankee cap. Putting aside the truth of the Post report, which was directly challenged by this story in the Atlantic, the Post had a lot of nerve invoking ARod’s name in the sub-headline on its front page.

This is typical of the Post. The journalists go out of their way to frame a story in the most sensationalistic way possible in an effort to encourage as many people as possible to pick up their newspaper. But they went too far here. Using ARod’s name to help sell a paper by even remotely connecting him to a story about the death of a brutal dictator is completely unfair.

Anybody who reads my blog knows that I am no ARod fan. But this was just plain mean and spiteful. ARod is an easy and polarizing target because of his enormous contract and because he often says and does the wrong things. I myself often shake my head at his ridiculous behavior. But I actually feel sorry for him this time. No matter how you feel about ARod as a professional athlete, he doesn’t deserve to have his name mentioned in a story or headline about an evil man whose regime killed a countless number of his own people.

The Post should figure out a way to sell their papers without taking gratuitous shots at people, including Alex Rodriguez.

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