Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alex Rodriguez always finds trouble

Alex Rodriguez might be in trouble with Major League Baseball. What a surprise!

MLB is looking into allegations that ARod took part in a poker game where cocaine was used, a game that supposedly turned violent when one player, angered by his losses, refused to pay. Unlike the first time MLB looked into ARod’s poker-playing habit, this one could come with a suspension.

Why is it that ARod’s name is still synonymous with trouble even when he is on the disabled list and far away from the team? Sure, he is a lightning rod who always manages to stick his foot in his mouth and he gets an inordinate amount of attention for being baseball’s highest paid player. But combine that with his admission of steroid use and it’s a volatile mix. And ARod seems to only add fuel to that fire.

For the record, I don’t really care about ARod’s apparent predilection for poker, as long as he is not breaking any laws. To me, it doesn’t rate anywhere near his steroids use in terms of the seriousness of his actions. But I just for the life of me cannot understand why ARod continues to put himself in these situations. Does he think he is invincible? Isn’t he embarrassed enough already? Doesn’t he know that his New York Yankees teammates and manager Joe Girardi are tired of questions about his off-the-field, very questionable behavior? Will he ever grow up?

These are all questions the Yankees are going to have to contend with for the next six-plus years unless they can find a way to get out of his immovable contract or ARod really does something that makes it easy for the Yankees to get rid of him. Unless something like that happens, we’ll probably just have to gird ourselves for an ARod-induced controversy every couple of months. I’m personally sick of it. The Brothers Steinbrenner probably are as well, especially because of how brittle he has become, but they have no one to blame but themselves for that one.

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