Monday, August 8, 2011

Bronx Bummer for Yankees in Boston

It's amazing how a weekend that started off so promising for the New York Yankees could turn into such a disaster. Perhaps disaster is too strong a word, but it accurately reflects my thoughts after waking up to find the Yankees in second place after a devastating loss to the Boston Red Sox last night.

Sunday's prime-time loss was much worse than Saturday's game. The Red Sox battered Yankees ace CC Sabathia, but mercifully the game was decided pretty quickly. Last night's loss was much more painful because the Yankees managed to hang in there long enough to get Yankee killer Josh Beckett out of the way before scoring what should have been the winning run on Brett Gardner's home run.

With Mariano Rivera on the mound, that should have been enough. Instead, Rivera gave up the tying run and I could not shake that feeling of impending doom. Yes, Phil Hughes gave up the winning run in the 10th inning, but this loss was all on Rivera's great shoulders and he took full responsibility for it. As great as Rivera is, he has been the pitcher most responsible for some of the most crushing losses against the Red Sox. Let's not even talk about the 2004 American League Championship Series because it still hurts. But if Mo cannot stop the Red Sox in 2011, the Yankees are done.

This was not at all what I was hoping for when I posted on Friday that it was time for the Yankees to show the Red Sox who's boss. The Yankees needed to prove something to the world and to themselves and they failed miserably with their big guns faltering in the spotlight. Sure, the Yankees are only a game behind in the standings, but it was a missed opportunity and lost weekend in Boston that does not bode well at all for October.

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