Friday, August 5, 2011

Time for Yankees to show Red Sox who's boss

If George Steinbrenner were still around, he wouldn't care so much that his New York Yankees are tied for first place. He'd be furious about the Yankees losing eight of nine games this season to the hated Boston Red Sox.

Sweeping the Chicago White Sox wouldn't have made Steinbrenner any happier because they’re just the wrong color Saux. The old Steinbrenner would be demanding that his Yankees put a beatdown on the Red Sox up in Boston this weekend. To be honest, I would like to see the same thing.

Sure, I feel good about the Yankees' postseason prospects with the distance they put between themselves and the rest of the wild card contenders in the American League. But the road to the World Series will probably go through Boston and I would like the Yankees' championship chances a lot better if they can win the majority of their remaining games with the Red Sox, starting tonight.

The Yankees have their pitching rotation set up nicely. Despite his struggles against the Red Sox earlier this year, it goes without saying that the Yankees want CC Sabathia on the mound this weekend. But I also think they feel good about having their veterans Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon pitching in what will be a hostile environment at Fenway Park rather than their kids Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova, despite how well both pitched this week. And it probably goes without saying that they are relieved that AJ Burnett will be nowhere near the Fenway Park mound.

The Red Sox have played extremely tough this year, surviving what could have been several devastating injuries, particularly in their starting rotation. They're not going to just lay down for the Yankees, even though the Bronx Bombers have finally caught up to them, which will make this a very fun weekend.

The Boss may not be around anymore, but it's time for the Yankees to show the Red Sox who's the Boss.

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