Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where did the Derek Jeter haters go?

With the captain of the New York Yankees thisclose to the .300 mark, I have to ask: where did all the Derek Jeter haters go?

The loudmouths clamoring for Jeter to be bumped both from shortstop and the top of the lineup are nowhere to be found these days. I hope they stay gone. But I really think they’re just waiting for Jeter to have a long 0-for streak before they come out of hiding.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. It’s only 9pm ET and Jeter already has two hits on a night he started with a .295 batting average. Some people didn’t think Jeter could recover from his slow, powerless start. I wasn’t one of those people.

When Jeter doesn’t play well, I assume that he’s hurt and just refuses to acknowledge it, which meant that I also thought he would bounce back when he got healthy. He needed a full two weeks on the disabled list and away from the team and his quest for 3,000 hits. But with both injury and history behind him, Jeter has once again become the clutch player we know and love.

Keep hiding, haters! We don’t miss you and neither does Jeter.

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