Monday, September 28, 2009

Filip Bondy right about quiet ARod

Check out Filip Bondy's story on Alex Rodriguez adopting a lower profile after his tumultuous spring and his hip injury and surgery. His troubles seem like they had a silver lining though. I've always thought he talked way too much and got himself in unnecessary trouble. As a Yankee fan who happens to be a journalist, I would often cringe when I heard him giving interviews, including the dreadful steroids conference, knowing how they would play in the papers the next day. I'm glad he finally realized that you don't have to answer every question and that getting the media to like you should not be a priority. Jeter is a great example of that: he doesn't actively court the media and he gives the most boring interviews (really he should consider a career in politics after he's done with baseball--there's no one better at talking for 30 minutes and not saying anything particularly interesting). But the New York media still adore him and somehow turn his mistakes into positives.

Getting back to ARod, his season is pretty amazing considering the hip injury could have kept him out for five months instead of six weeks. A .285 BA and closing in on 100 RBIs is beyond respectable. I'm not an ARod fan, but I do admire his efforts this year and it was nice to see him enjoying the celebration yesterday.

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