Saturday, September 26, 2009

Magic Number 1

How do I love pitchers' duels? Let me count the ways. CC was dominating today, blowing the ball past the Red Sox and getting the ground-ball double play when he needed. Daisuke was tough too, but it seems like the Yankees' lineup will catch up with anyone eventually. Yes, the Saux helped them out by botching that run-down, but Damon really made them pay with his clutch hit. It was a fantastic pitching performance by CC and with Hughes and Mo coming in to finish things off, I think it was a preview of the kind of game we'll see in October. With the Yanks finishing on top again of course! Would love to see the Yanks clinch tomorrow against the Saux, especially with the Saux planning their silly Wild Card celebration on the Yanks' home turf. Can you imagine the Yankees celebrating winning a Wild Card if they still had a mathematical shot at the AL East? Wouldn't happen because the Yanks have their eyes firmly on the end goal: winning the AL East title as a first step toward winning it all!
Thanks to chris.ptacek for the photo.

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