Monday, September 28, 2009

Love the Yanks but Citi Field feels more like home

This is going to sound sacrilegious to some Yankee fans, but I actually like Citi Field more than the new Yankee Stadium. The inside of the stadium reminds of a convention center, but Citi Field has a very homey feeling to it. Despite some recent bad press, it's a great place to view games. Plus, the park at sunset is a sight to see (check out this photo from my last visit). The Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi is amazing with the photos, video and dedications. Of course, Monument Park can't be beat and the Yankee Museum is a cool addition with the signed baseballs, trophies and other memorabilia. If you haven't seen it yet, try to get to a game early to check it out. It's fairly small so only a limited number of people are allowed in at one time.

The food at Citi Field is better too. They have a diverse set of food options, but my personal favorite combo is the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich from Blue Smoke and vanilla shake from the Shake Shack or a canoli from Mama's of Corona. Plus, they will bring you Dibs right to your seat. Ok, probably not great from a health perspective, but a nice once-in-a-while treat at the ballpark.

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  1. *gasp* I agree, but i'm biased. The biggest knock on Citi is the lack of proper Mets stuff hanging around, something they're slowly rectifying. And obviously, that's one of the things you'd be least concerned with. You're not the first Yankee fan I've heard tell me they like Citi better.

    My favorite think about Yankee Stadium was all the pictures above the concessions, particularly the food court ones.

    The food is indeed better at Citi, and so is the beer selection, with 4 near exclusive Brooklyn Brewery beers on tap, and 30 different bottles available at Big Apple Brews. The best beers at Yankee Stadium were the standard + stuff, Guinness, Stella, and most of the time you can only buy them in the bigger size (for $11!). Those lines got crazy crowded both games I went to(excepting the 'secret' beer booth that I found tucked in a corner out of the way.). The two things I had at Yankee that aren't at Citi are hush puppies, and garlic fries. I didn't try a steak sandwich though, which is probably a bit heavy for a ballgame. (Much like the lasagna and penne alla vodka at Citi).